Staples Awards Night Celebrates Students’ Accomplishments

The Staples Awards Ceremony was held on Tuesday, May 29, 2012, in the Staples auditorium, to celebrate the excellence of students for their achievements. Awards were given to students of all grades for exemplary performances in school subjects or state and national competitions.

 The awards ceremony handed out two programs. The program distributed at the beginning of the ceremony listed all the awards that are going to be given (a full two pages of achievements and titles), but omitted the names of the student who won each award.

 As parents and students alike saw the list of possibilities, many could imagine their name or the name of their son or daughter listed beside the most prestigious of awards.

 The second program, which attendees received as they left the ceremony, was the program made for picture frames and letters to grandparents. It provided the accomplishments of the recipients, award titles that will be written on future resumes and bragged about to future college roommates.

 However, the mood remained amicable even with anticipation heavy in the air. As students approached the podium to receive their award and a warm look from the person handing the award to them (or even a hug from Karyn Morgan, assistant principal to the seniors), cheers filled the room for each awardee. Friends shouted nicknames, and the audience erupted with enthusiasm.

 This audience’s respect for the award recipients became clear as two awardees were given a standing ovation. Both valedictorian Matthew Silver and Key Award winner Jack Gibson received a standing ovation. As the lights shone on the award winners, the true purpose of the ceremony seemed to appear.

 “By far the most important part of the ceremony is the public recognition of achievement,” Principal John Dodig said.

 For seniors at the event, the Awards Ceremony represented a culmination of four years at Staples. As Key Award winner Jack Gibson ‘12 said “I think the most important part of the ceremony is that a bunch of seniors and students get to come together and celebrate their accomplishments.”

 After the ceremony, award recipients and family gathered outside the auditorium, congratulating one another with smiles and hugs.