Staples boys’ soccer falls short in home opener


Photo by Madeline Michalowski ʼ22

The Wreckers attempt to score in the second half but are shut down by Danbury goalie Matt Silva.

The Staples boys’ soccer team finally kicked off their season against Danbury at 4:00 on Oct. 2 on Loeffler Field. With the Wreckers down 2-0 late in the game, Reese Watkins ’22 was able to put one in the net with only 1:35 remaining. However, the clock ran out before Staples could find an equalizer, leaving the final score 2-1, with the Danbury Hatters victorious.
The Wreckers maintained possession much of the first half, leading to several chances at goal, but none were successful. Winger Will Adams ’22 commented on Staples’ attacking form.
“We just have to work the ball around in the middle more to get shots off in the final third,” Adams said.
The second half proved more taxing on the Wreckers defense with Danbury’s attack coming on strong. Making his varsity debut, Ben Douglas ’23 was solid at the back alongside his brother captain Jack Douglas ’21, but Danbury was able to chip the ball in with 20 minutes left in the game. In response to the Hatters goal, Staples shifted to an attacking formation leaving them more vulnerable at the back. The visitors took advantage of this and scored with 2:44 remaining on the clock.
Despite the new COVID-19 guidelines, Adams and Watkins are just happy to be playing alongside their teammates.
“It hasn’t really impacted us much,” Watkins said. “We still have 10 games even though we are only playing five teams so that’s enough of a season for us.”
Adams feels similarly about being on the team.
“We are going to make the most of it, you get what you get and it’s going to be fun just to play,” Adams said.
The boys’ next game will be at Danbury on Monday, Oct. 5 at 4:30 p.m. The game can be livestreamed here.