The decision on the upcoming year of fall sports


Photo by Carson Kranz ’21

Staples soccer seniors hope that despite pandemic, 2020 season will be played.

Carson Kranz ’21

With the coronavirus calling an end to the 2019-2020 school year, it also brought the end of spring sports. The cancelling of all 2020 spring sports has been devastating for all seniors and athletes who were looking forward to taking the field. But now we’re left with one question, what about fall sports?
With the coronavirus, as of now, there really is no telling as to whether or not fall sports will be in play come this September. But in the case that all students return to school for a normal start time next year, it is predicted they will be on.
“It’s going to be my last season on the team,” Co-football captain Sam Milberg ’21 said. “So, playing fall sports this year is really important to me and this team.”
Many athletes feel the same.
“It would be really unfair to not be able to play after already missing my full junior year lacrosse season,” Jake Luffman ’21 said, “Especially after all of the hard work me and the team have been putting in on Zoom.”
For seniors, fall sports are going to be very important to them, given the most that we can do at this moment is stay home and try to stay safe to stop the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.
“I think fall sports will happen, the majority of them are outdoors and hopefully the virus is cleared up by then,” Jake Thaw ’20 said.
As of now, athletes will play the waiting game to see what will happen come September.
“Hopefully we will have fall sports,” Abby Greenlee ’21 said. “It would be heartbreaking with it being my last season.”