Professional athletes prove to be much more than entertainment


Graphic by: CNBC

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Jake Navarro ’20, Staff Writer

I was in physics when the news that we would be living under a quarantine broke out. At first, joy was the first emotion I experienced. Later that week, I realized that the quarantine life was overrated. While each person is struggling with their own personal losses, professional sports has also been something that has been stolen from us. 

Entertainment is something that helps people persevere through their own personal struggles. In some cases, it’s TV shows or movies that help people cope with pain and in a lot of cases its sports. Professional sports is something that is constant in many people’s lives. A lot of people rely on it. Since the quarantine has commenced, there has been an empty void full of the missed regular season and playoff games.

Every night, I flip through the channels looking for some sporting event to watch. While many of them are re-watches it still gives some hope. Recently, the NFL draft happened where they experienced the most viewers in history. This demonstrates that people are urging for a sports comeback. 

While there are much bigger problems surrounding the world, sports are something that many people use to help. Now that they are gone, events such as HORSE tournaments’ and ‘NBA 2K tournaments’ are used to help bring the sports world together. They are the base for helping with relief.

Sports are a catalyst for the inspiration of many adolescents, young adults and even middle-aged people. Now, those players aren’t able to display their hard work and dedication to inspire many others to carve their own paths. Through this, I have learned that sports are much more than a breeding ground for athletes.