Dylan Curran inspires varsity football family


By: Ellen Fair ’19

Some know him for his nickname “D-Money,” others know him for his energetic personality and friendly hellos in the halls of Staples High School. Dylan Curran ’20 is a boy of many talents and positive attributes who students, teachers and coaches admire.
Last year, Curran was inspired by friends to join the freshman football team as the team manager. “He’d always been at our PAL games in eighth grade and brought a lot of energy, so a couple of the guys on the team decided he’d probably have a blast if he became officially part of the team,” Jake Thaw ’20 said.
This year, Curran was asked to be the varsity football team manager, and he took on this role with full force. Teammates and coaches admire Curran’s ability to bring positive energy to everyone on the team. “He is equally supportive of each and every one of the players on the team,” Michael Thompson ’19 said. “Whether it be shown by him complimenting you during practice or patting you on the back during a game, you can always know that he will be there to lift you up.”
Curran shows up to every practice and game dressed in full pads, stretches with the team and cheers on his teammates with a loud voice and huge smile. “No matter what the situation is, he is always positive and enthusiastic and he truly loves Staples High School and Staples football,” head football coach Marce Petroccio said.
This year, Curran was brought on the field during the homecoming pep rally to speak in front of the entire school. He gave an inspiring and heartwarming speech to the entire school sitting in the packed bleachers. “It was amazing to speak in front of everyone, seeing all of my teammates on the side and the entire school in front of me. It was such a fun time,” Dylan said.
Dylan has nothing but good things to say about the football team; he considers them his family and the football community feels the same way about Dylan.
Curran has formed incredible relationships with many of the coaches and players on the team. “Dylan’s energy is infectious and he always has an encouraging word for his teammates. His handshake game is on point too,” Coach Brian Krost said.
Curran’s relationship with the players extends beyond practices and games as well. “In my free time I enjoy watching film with my teammates and passing the ball around on the field,” Curran said.
Curran’s contributions to the football team do not go unnoticed and the entire team is thankful for his passion for the game and love for his teammates. “He shows up to every practice with the highest energy possible and doubles that when it comes to the game,” Thaw said. “There’s never a dull moment with him; he really gets us excited and happy when no one else can.”