The life of a varsity sports manager

The life of a varsity sports manager

By: Jack Caldwell ’18

Every varsity sports team at Staples High School needs a manager.  They follow the team, keep statistics, and carry out several other time-consuming duties on a daily basis.  However, few realize what the life of a sports manager is actually like.

Feelings about the job itself are mixed.  “Honestly, it was more boring than expected,” Jack Sharkey ’18, manager of the football team said.  “After driving water down to the field, I would just sit around and wait for some job to pop up.”  

Matthew McMahon ’18, manager of the boys’ basketball team, got much more enjoyment out of the job.  “It’s fun, helpful and easy,” he said, later adding that he enjoys “helping keep track of statistics for the team.”  

McMahon and Sharkey both felt that they were part of the team as managers, even though they never wore a uniform.  “We’re all really nice to each other.  They treat me well,” McMahon said.  The basketball team affectionately calls McMahon their “McManager”, a nickname he embraced and even had embroidered on his team shirt (pictured above).  “I was really respected by the players,” Sharkey added.

Most managerial jobs are in high demand.  Cayne Mandell ’17, who was recently named manager of the girls’ lacrosse team, waited “all of high school to be a manager for a sport.  When the chance came spring of senior year, I decided to do it.”  McMahon also says he plans on remaining as manager of boys’ basketball through senior year, “I love watching sports, so this is a fun job.”

Although you may not see their number on the field, sports managers are vital to ensure a team can function.  This thankless job takes up hours of time in a student’s schedule, and many don’t receive the credit they deserve.  So, next time you bump into your team’s manager, be sure to let them know that you’re thankful.