New team leaps into Staples

Staples cheerleaders, SuperFans, and sports teams have been working together for years to bring pep to Staples. There have been spirit weeks, pep rallies, homecomings and whiteouts, but never a dance team.
Staples’ all-new dance club is hoping to change that.

Defined by the ever-credible source Wikipedia, a dance team is “a team of athletes that participates in competitive dance.” Dance teams are usually made up of high school students who participate in dance outside of school, gather together at school spirit events, and compete against each other in dance team competitions.

While the Staples Dance Club has aspirations of one day being a highly competitive team, for now they are happy with just kicking off their first year as a club.

“A group of my students approached me and asked if I would be interested in coaching, and I said, ‘of course,’ and now we meet once a week[…]” the Dance Club advisor Samantha Ginzberg said. “And it’s just fun, it’s not competitive at the moment.”

Being registered as a club has its perks as it allows them to have fun at their practices because they aren’t in constant preparation for competition.

“I had one student who, at the end of our practice the last time I saw them, she said, ‘I really love this because it’s not competitive, it’s not so intense. This dancing is my release,’” Ginzberg said.
However, members of the Dance Club do hope to step it up in the future.

“My hopes are to compete against other schools,” Dance Club member Julia Rosier ’18 said. “And to form a team that simply loves to dance.”

But for now, it seems as though the Staples Dance Club is fulfilling its purpose –allowing Staples students to leap, jump and turn to their hearts’ desires.

“The best part is probably just dancing,” Rosier said. “We all love to dance, so this is a great experience for all of us.”
so this is a great experience for all of us.”