Lights ignite Homecoming night

Wide Receiver Will Johnson ’14 takes a punt return to the end zone during the Homecoming game against Wilton for the Wreckers first home touchdown of the 2013 season

Wide Receiver Will Johnson ’14 takes a punt return to the end zone during the Homecoming game against Wilton for the Wreckers first home touchdown of the 2013 season

Eliza Yass, Staff Writer

Our freshman, sophomore and junior homecomings had taken place in the morning or on a weeknight. They were exciting games, but there was a slight dark cloud over the games due to the student body’s awareness that the less-than-desirable time of the game was a consequence for past years’ slipups.

In 2009, various seniors had attended their Homecoming game inebriated, resulting in various girls sent to the hospital for treatment.

This game resulted in the change of Homecoming times for the future to either weeknight or early morning weekend games. How is everyone supposed to get lively and excited at ten a.m? Or even worse, after a long day of school or work? Motorcade doesn’t exactly have the same effect on the town when half of Westport is still sleeping.

Finally, after four years of waiting and demonstrating top behavior, we had earned a weekend nighttime Homecoming. Everything about the night was wonderful.

We decorated the cars with blue and white streamers and made it down to Compo to greet the rest of the students just as the sun was setting. Upon arriving at the beach, I could instantly tell that my peers were fired up and ready to get to the game. I will never forget the image of looking behind me, down South Compo at all the cars lined up, overstuffed with blue and white clad students screaming and dancing in their cars while the pink sun set in the background.

Being a cheerleader on this night and getting to watch my peers cheer and chant from the track is something I will keep with me forever. Looking out at a crowd of parents, teachers and students alike, united in a sea of navy blue and white made me so proud and grateful to be a part of the Staples community. Everyone, no matter what age or friend group, was able to come together on Homecoming and bond through a common goal. The excitement radiating from the bleachers was palpable. Football players turned around to shout to the crowd, and the crowd responded with more excitement. Although it was pitch black everywhere else, the field and the people were illuminated by the massive, glowing, fluorescent lights. The lights had an unparalleled effect on the crowd. Their glow added to the already luminous excitement of the game and transformed the Staples football field into an arena filled with eager Westporters ready to watch the battle of the year.

“Everyone was way more excited at Homecoming than they were at the day games. The crowd was bigger, and there was way more excitement,” Andrew Felman ’14, Staples Superfan, said.
In the weeks leading up to the game, teachers and administration had repeatedly reminded students to make good decisions when Friday, September 20 rolled around.

“I remember leaving my math class that Friday and my teacher trying to yell after us as everyone was walking out the door to remind us to be safe and have a fun night. I was so excited, and I really was hoping everything went smoothly,” Lauren Raifaisen ’14 said. “I mean our grade is kind of crazy.”

In the end, the evening was a success. Staples beat Wilton 14-7, and the night was a perfect final Homecoming for the class of 2014. Football captain Jack Massie sums it up perfectly.

“The game and the night were absolutely amazing.”