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Athletes Stay In The Game During April Break

Athletes Stay In The Game During April Break

As April break rolls around, students begin to file away for vacation and take a breather from school. However, for many Spring athletes, they must stay home or adjust their schedules for sporting events.

Patrick Lesch’14, co-captain of the boys’ lacrosse team, has been playing during break for years now.

“I didn’t have to change or re-adjust any plans because games are scheduled every year. This is always announced prior to the season starting and all students interested in playing are told that they have to be home in order to be on a team” Lesch said.

Their two games are scheduled for April 15th and 17th.

According to the co-captain of the boys’ volleyball team, Todd Goldstein’14,“Every year, the volleyball team has at least two games over break. But Coach Shepro still gives us time off and lets us travel if we have plans. He just prefers that everyone is there, especially the varsity players.”

Those games are on April 14th and 16th.

The boys’ baseball team has three games on April 14th, 16th and 17th, and even hold practices on the days that they don’t have games.

“Everyone on the team is aware that we need to be around during break for games and practice, so no one really makes plans during April Break,” Sam Ellinwood’14 said.

For those participating on any sports team, it’s highly recommended that you don’t make plans over break because in the grand scheme of things, being a student and an athlete comes first.

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Chase Gornbein
Chase Gornbein, Staff Writer

Chase Gornbein ’16 is always looking to push and challenge himself. He likes to test his mental and physical strength whenever possible.

Usually, Gornbein finds his fill of thrill in taking his running to the next level on the track (like with his unreal under-five-minute best mile time). Not only does he enjoy the difficulty of running, but the relaxation it brings along as well.

“I enjoy running because I have the ability to release all of my emotions and let it out on the track,” Gornbein said.

Another way that Gornbein has recently decided to do this is by writing for Inklings. He compares letting his emotions out by running to letting off steam by writing, the only difference being that the track has become the pad of paper.

“I always loved reading the school paper and thought it’d be a really unique experience to try writing for it,” he said.

Although this is his first year as an official Staff Writer, his career actually debuted last year with a story about a Staples student auditioning for “The Voice.”

        Although he started simple, Gornbein’s big dream is to be a journalist for the New York Times.

He hopes that the skills he has developed through challenging himself in running will carry into his writing.

For example, Gornbein says that the discipline he has acquired from running has helped him to “stick to a structure and be organized” in writing. He hopes that his mastered discipline will work to his advantage in someday obtaining a job writing for the New York Times.


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