Recreation(Rec) Basketball is Hardcore

On Thursday night, the Staples rec basketball teams played their first game in the field house after it was cancelled last week from the snow.

“Everyone was anxious to start playing, so it was refreshing to get back in it,”Nick DeDomenico’14 said.

The players certainly had their game faces on and played as if they were going to earn a spot in the NBA.

“We can take down any varsity player on any day of the week,” George Ingber’14 said.

There are over 130 players that participate and it’s incredibly competitive.

“Rec is a way of life,” Ethan Mellin’14 said.

Not only is rec basketball competitive, but it’s also fun and spirited.

According to Joey Schulman’14, “I love the camaraderie and my  team is very  persistent. We put in a lot of work at the gym, benching 180 pounds as a warmup each and every day. Hard work comes with results because my team won 26-23. I live and breathe rec basketball.”

Surprisingly, many students and teachers are unaware of rec basketball.

“Rec basketball is underrated. But I love every second of it because its an opportunity for me to get involved in a high powered sport that I can learn from that seems to be played  on a much different plane than from my sport, baseball,” Mike Moritz said.

So the next time someone tries to undermine rec, just know,  “Varsity is for those who can’t handle the intensity of rec  basketball,” Mellin said.