Senior Day:The Difference Between Boys and Girls

Fuzzy pink boas, princess tiaras, balloons and whistles is what awakens the school cafeteria before 7:30 AM a few times per season.

Senior day is a time of recognition where a team unites to honor their fellow seniors on their accomplishments for the season and celebrate their last home game.

For girls, this can be one of the most exciting days of the season. However, for boys, this can be any other regular day in the season.

“The cross country team doesn’t do much for senior day.  It obviously is a sentimental day for us seniors though as it is our last time running on our home course.  We try to get out a bigger crowd than normal if we can,” cross country captain, Peter Elkind ’14, said. “This year, some of the underclassman made us a poster that included words of encouragement and photos of the seniors. This is really as far as we go for senior day though.”

In hopes of having a bigger crowd than usual, the boys usually create a Facebook event for their last home game and post it in the Staples Super Fans Group. The coach takes time to discuss the team’s accomplishments and speak on the behalf of the seniors. Afterwards, the team enjoys food such as pizza and cake.

“Girls go all out for senior day. They are always blowing their whistle and all dress to impress and motivate others to go and support them at their last home game,” water polo team member, Tommy Reinhardt ’14, said. “For guys, we like to do things much discretely. We dress up, but we don’t really yell and have posters with our seniors.”

No matter how senior day is celebrated, the importance of it is for the team to be able to recognize how much they have grown throughout the season and their four years of high school.

“Boys senior day has never been a very popular event.  For boys, its more important for us to remember our time with team and our commitment to the sport,” Elkind said. “We don’t bother with all of the crazy stuff girls do.”

By going “all out” girls believe that their seniors have worked hard and deserve to celebrate their last home game ever at Staples.