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Fatheads Storm the Stands

Fatheads Storm the Stands
Photo by Jimmy Ray Stagg

“What are those massive, cardboard faces floating around the student section at football games?” is one of many questions you might be asking yourself.

Well, we can all give a big thanks to Griffin Thrush’15 for this one. Thrush is the mastermind behind the new level of spirit that has been added to the student section.

“Fatheads,” is the proper name for the large faces bopping up and down through the home game crowds. Thrush explained how he got his idea from watching college football on TV and seeing fatheads of the broadcasters floating in the stands.

 “Figured it would be pretty righteous if giant floating heads were at football games and soon basketball games at our school,” Thrush said.

The addition of fatheads to the Staples community has definitely brought along a great deal of spirit and a new, exciting vibe to the student section. Friends of players whose pictures are plastered onto the fatheads love holding them up while cheering on the team.

“When I got passed a blown up picture of Patrick Lesch’s’14 face, it was oddly entertaining and encouraged everyone to cheer for the fathead players,” Charlotte Rowland’14 said.

Not only do the fatheads benefit the overall atmosphere of the fan section, but they also serve as an advantage to the players and coaches on the field.

Thrush figured it was mandatory to get fatheads for key seniors such as Will Johnson’14, Patrick Lesch’14, and Nick Ward’14; and also deemed it vital to have one made for Coach Petroccio.

“I had to go with the brains of the Wreckers successes, Coach P. It wasn’t even up for debate. What’s the team without Coach P anyways?” Thrush said.

Thrush claims to have seen Coach Petroccio really smile for the first time during a game when he spotted his own face in the stands. “It was more of a smirk, but I’ll take it,” Thrush said.

As for the players, seeing the fatheads in the crowd acts as a huge support system and definitely gives them a rush of confidence before getting serious and taking the field. Thrush explained that the fatheads offer the players a few laughs throughout the game and also help them to relax a little.

“The biggest impact the fatheads have is that they really get the crowd cheering which is always fun to play in front of,” said senior captain, Lesch’14.

The fatheads have been a huge success so far this football season and Thrush can’t wait to continue with the tradition during basketball season and hopefully next year.

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About the Contributor
Sarah Ellman, Staff Writer
Sarah Ellman ’15 can be seen on the sidelines of Staples football games, exciting the throngs of people with her cheers every Friday night during the fall. However, Ellman can also be found in the classroom, in room 2032, actively participating at the Staples High School newspaper, Inklings. The senior has always enjoyed writing, as a kid she would create her own picture books with folded 8x11 sheets of paper, but has also participated in cheerleading since eighth grade. This summer, she attended a summer journalism program at New York University, which she described as “really cool.” She felt she excelled writing pieces for Inklings that were more along the lines of features, and instead focused on a different type of writing. “The program taught me how to really write a news story and cover an actual event,” Ellman said. Ellman, a cheer captain this year, headed to a gymnastics camp this summer along with her teammates, in order to prepare for their upcoming season. She feels there is a certain connection between her sport and journalism. “You can’t be quiet with either of them, you have to be personable and loud.” She most enjoys meeting new people and getting to interact with the entire school.   With Inklings, she can achieve this with interviews, but she also entertains the students at sporting events. It is necessary to entertain and capture an audience in both instances and Ellman succeeds in all facets of the activities she participates in. She also engages in community service, including Saferides, an organization that provides rides home for teenagers on Saturday nights. As for Monday through Friday, Ellman can probably be found at Shake Shack, grabbing her favorite food (a cheeseburger) of which she proclaimed her love for. “My friends are legitimately concerned about me.”

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