Boys’ Soccer Rises To The Top


Photo by Kelsey Shockey

The Staples boys’ soccer team crowds around a player from Central to steal the ball back.

The Staples boy’s soccer team is certainly keeping the winning streak rolling after winning 1-0 against Central High School on Monday.

“We let that game against Ridgefield motivate us to never have any more ties again .We need to play our best every game,”  said Graham Gudis’16.

Now that it is fall, the wind is definitely coming into play, which could easily be an advantage or disadvantage depending on where the wind is traveling.

But it clearly was in Staples’ favor with a score of 1-0, and they played with all of their might as they dominated the field against Central, especially considering that this team in particular had great physicality and ball skills.

“The FCIAC is full of great teams, so no matter who the opponents are, we take every game at a time,” said captain Diego Alanis’14.

Charlie Leonard’14 created a great opportunity for a goal  in the beginning of the game.

According to Gudis,¨Our strategy is playing to feet and to the corner. We also like to attack the wings and get at the defense to create chances, which we need to work on more.”

Connor Weiler’14 took some powerful shots from the goalline. However, since the game was so aggressive, it lead to yet another injury on the team, with Weiler  damaging his hamstring.

“Multiple key players on the team have injuries. Nevertheless, we have adapted well and some of the guys like Kenji Goto’16 and  Steven Sobel’14  have stepped it up tremendously,” said Alanis.

In total, there are four players that are injured.

Noah Schwaeber’16, who is a goalie, also had some thrilling moments hoping  to reach and save many goals from going into the net.

“I thought we played okay, but there is still some work to be done,” said Daniel Perez Elorza’16.

The overall record is 4-1-1 and their next home game is this Saturday at 11:00 am.