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Staples Boys Lacrosse First Scrimmage of the Season

Although the official Boys Lacrosse season starts on April 3rd, the boys gathered together on Saturday, March 23rd to play their first official scrimmage of the season.

The boys prepared for their season by intense training. They did weight lifting and ran after school every day except for Wednesday’s since Wednesdays nights the team participated in an indoor clinic. They also did a one day three hour training session with trainers to get in shape and evaluate their fitness, and conditioned at Compo Beach on March 14th.

With high hopes this year, the boys plan to work harder and have a better season than last year.

“I think it’s going to be a much better season than last year. We had a couple of bad scrimmages early against teams that we felt we were better than.” Jack Greenwald ’14 said. “So when we knew we were playing better teams this past Saturday, we knew we had to step up and we did. After Saturday we realized we have a lot of potential and that we can play with anybody.”

The boys hard work resulted in a successful scrimmage. The defense was tight, which prevented Norwalk’s offense from scoring.

“As a team, we played pretty well. I think the defense let in five goals all day and the offense loaded up the back of the net. Personally, I was able to take some chances and they paid off because of how well the rest of the defense played.” captain Quinn Mendelson ’13 said.

With the loss of three seniors from last year, the younger players are adjusting to the speed of the game. Still, some positions need work in order to have the sucessful season the boys desire.

“The defense looked great but the offense could use some work. We had a lot of missed opportunities that we need to capitalize on in the future” Colin Bannon ’13 said.

Even though the boys seem to be headed for a great season, they are still prepared to take on their biggest competition of this season. “We definitely have things to work on but we have a good amount of time before we have real FCIAC games. I personally think we all look forward to our tough match ups this year like Darien, Greenwich, Ridgefield and New Canaan.” Isaac Paparo ’15 said.

Come support them at their next game versus Newtown on Saturday April 6th from 12:00pm-1:00pm at the Staples Stadium.

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Amina Abdul-Kareem, Staff Writer
The brutal capture and murder of James Foley shook America, but it has not dissuaded journalists or budding activists from the concept of traveling to unstable countries, especially not Amina Abdul-Kareem. “Danger excites me,” she puts simply, “I think the best reporting can be done when you’re actually at the scene yourself.”  Even at the age of ten, Amina ignored danger to find out if a rumor of cannibalism around her estate in Kenya was really true.  “My uncle told us we weren’t allowed to play outside, but me being me, I snuck out and found out what was really happening for myself.” Amina, a daring and curious senior at Staples High School, was born in Dubai and moved to America when she was a year old.  Even though she had family from many different parts of the world in addition to Kenya, Amina did not always feel very connected to her ethnicity “Growing up, I kinda felt lost, I didn’t have any connection to my Somali roots.”  On the pursuit of finding herself, Amina has taken the Staples African Studies class and dedicated herself to fully appreciating her culture. In an effort to do exactly that, next summer, Amina and her cousin will be traveling around the Horn of Africa to Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya to fully immerse themselves in their African backgrounds.  “We’re both in the middle of an identity crisis,” she says of her and her cousin, “that’s what we call it.” Amina may be in the middle of a cultural “crisis”, but she is very confident in her future career path.  “I want to pursue a job in the medical field so I can go back to Somalia and help the people who are suffering from famine and poverty.”  A very laudable ambition; Amina is set on getting her medical degree in nursing after graduating from Staples in 2015. Somalia is one of the most dangerous places in the world, but Amina’s passion for helping others is stronger than the fear of risking her life.  The real threat of being kidnapped in unstable third world countries does not cause Amina to falter, even considering the circumstances of Tom Foley’s demise.  As Veronica Roth might say, fear doesn’t shut Amina down; it wakes her up.

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