Not One, Not Two, But Six

As the weather gets colder, the anticipation builds for another victorious season for the Staples Wreckers Varsity Football team.

Not only will this season be special, because of the new addition of field lights, but leading the team this year will be six senior captains-three more than last season.

“This really shows that our senior class is filled with a tremendous amount of talent and leadership,” said Kevin Kearney ’13. “Since four captains is normal, having six shows that we are a very special senior class.”

The captains are elected through a voting process in which each player and the coaches vote. The players who come closest to each other with the most votes become the captains. The six captains for the 2012 season include Kearney, Nick Kelly, Kyle Vaughn, Greg Strauss, James Frusciante, and Joey Zelkowitz.

All six of these players have been playing together for years, making it easy to share the power between them.

“It helps our team’s chemistry that we are all good friends. It makes it easier to talk about anything going on with the team,” said Joey Zelkowitz ’13.

The leadership doesn’t stop with the captains, however. Many of the seniors and juniors are stepping up to the plate and working hard to earn the title of CIAC champions.

“There are a lot of people who can be leaders, so we should never have an off day at practice,” said Kyle Vaughn ’13.

This season will be unforgettable for the mighty Wreckers, as some of the best players who have ever played for the school enter their final season.

“They’ve got one goal, and that’s to win,” said Varsity coach Marce Petroccio.