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Just in the Knick of Time

Jesse Heussner ’11
Sports Editor

As the hottest entity on the market this summer, the decision of where Lebron James will go lies in the hands of the King himself |Graphic by Connie Zhou

Lebron James stormed off the court for the seventh year in a row without a ring around his finger.

Despite posting a historic triple-double (27 points, 19 rebounds, 10 assists) in game six of the divisional finals, his performance was ridiculed by every Cleveland fan and media member that witnessed it. Only one thought should have been resonating through James’ head as he walked off that court: “I need to be a Knick.”

New York is the only logical destination for Lebron James in free agency. Writers and analysts haven’t realized it yet. Lebron probably hasn’t either. Once he does, he’ll recognize that he and the Knicks are a perfect fit, a match made in heaven. His other choices are, well, flawed.

James could conceivably stay true to his imperfect high-school sweetheart. His hometown team, the Cavs, has provided James with a necessary launching pad to a successful career.

However, they have also provided him with a dysfunctional base that includes a mediocre supporting cast, average coach and questionable management. The love is there in this relationship, but there has been far too much damage done and tension to keep this relationship from progressing.

James could also opt to go for the girl that came out of nowhere — you know, the one who no one knew in grade school but suddenly becomes gorgeous the next time you see her?

That’s the Nets. Coming off of a 12-win season, the Nets already have a legitimate starting center, a Russian owner with enough money to fix the American economy by himself, and the prospect of landing a top talent in the 2010 NBA draft. This girl, however, still has that annoying mole on the left side of her face, about the size of New Jersey.

And then there is the girl that seems to have it all: the looks, the personality, everything. Only, in this case, the girl went out with the hottest guy in the school before you and there is no way you can reasonably live up to him. Yes, I’m referring to the Bulls.

While they offer Lebron a terrific supporting cast, media recognition and a chance for a title, there is always going to be the issue of Michael Jordan. One, two, or even three titles would not be enough for Chicago fans because MJ won six. Why would the best player in the NBA now want to be overshadowed by the best player in the NBA, ever? It’s just an impossible situation.

Yes, there are some intriguing candidates for King James, but none offer him the total package. New York is the answer. He’d have the bombshell, the Ms. America, the girl you could do no wrong for.

The Knicks have never had a truly elite player. They haven’t won a title in 37 years. Considering that Knicks fans have been watching Chris Duhon and Davis Lee run pick-and-rolls for entertainment for the last two years, every crossover, alleyoop dunk and behind the pass James will execute will be multiplied by 100.

James’ popularity would wreck Eli Manning’s. It would destroy Darrele Revis’. It would even trump Derek Jeter’s. He would be, in every sense of the word, a king.

And while lately many self-proclaimed “experts” have knocked this potential dream-scenario, it has become increasingly clear that ESPN has some sort of outwards bias against the Knicks.

Yes, the Knicks only won 30 games this past year. And yes, the franchise has been abysmal for the past ten seasons. However, if you take James off the Cavaliers roster right now, they are no better than a 30-win team themselves.

There isn’t any doubt about it. Take the Knicks––a team that does have some decent pieces in Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler––put Lebron and another max free agent on that team, and it will be a perennial title contender.

And, in New York, he only has to win one.

Lebron James is the Mecca of the NBA today. New York City is the Mecca of basketball. The two are made for each other.

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  • D

    d dobbsMay 31, 2010 at 2:14 pm

    Knicks fans keep dreaming. Lebrons staying in cleveland. Jesse at least you realize they need more than just him to contend for a title. As far as stardom goes, its not like going to New York will make him any more of a global icon. LeBron James is essentially the face of the NBA, no where he goes will make him any more of a super star. I’d be very surprised if he goes to Chicago and tries to compete with Jordan’s legacy. LeBron-Cleveland 2010.

  • L

    lebronMay 28, 2010 at 9:37 am

    The reason the media has yet to realize that NY is a perfect fit is because, well, it isn’t. Besides exposure, the Cavs can give LBJ everything that the Knicks can. The Cavs have a better chance at a championship than the Knicks (even with Lebron), can pay him a ridulously higher sum of money, and gives James the oppurtunity to control the decision as the next Cleveland coach (Calipari anyone?). Regardless, I think Lebron will go to Chicago. He’s got all of the factors there, and with Chris Bosh most likely following him, the tandem of Rose, James, and Bosh (not to mention Noah) would be the heavy favorites to not just win the finals, but dominate the entire league while doing so. Chicago can give Lebron almost as much if not as much exposure as New York offers, and I think Lebron would welcome the challenge of dethroaning the NBA’s all-time MVP in his own city. Regardless of any other factors, the temptation of a ring will be too much for Lebron and he WILL end up in Chicago.