‘Bandersnatch’ changes the way movies are watched


Photo by Rebecca Kanfer '21

‘Bandersnatch’ makes its debut as Netflix’s very first interactive movie

Rebecca Kanfer '21, Staff Writer

Black Mirror is a popular Netflix series that dives into the world of modern technology while observing the ramifications these new technologies have on our society.

Netflix recently came out with a movie based off of this series, “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch,” the first interactive movie available for streaming on the site. The film allows the viewer to choose the main characters’ life or death decisions while watching. Since it’s the first interactive film of its kind, the movie has raised controversial opinions on this new style of entertainment.

“I really enjoyed the interactive aspect of the movie,” Jennifer Westphal ’22 said. “The hands-on concept intrigued me to watch because Sci-Fi is usually a genre I wouldn’t explore.”

Benji Clachko ‘21 also enjoyed the freedom that the movie allowed him to have. “If I was getting bored with my current part of the movie, I was able to rearrange my characters entire life with my next choice,” Clachko said.

Although many students were captivated by this new style of viewing entertainment, others had different perspectives.

“When I watch movies I like to relax on my couch, maybe some popcorn in my hands,” Sutton Lindau ’21 said. “It was tedious for me to keep shifting my position in order to choose my path. I think interactive movies can ruin the purpose of watching movies.”

The idea of interactive movies is still developing and so are the opinions and views of Staples students.

“‘Bandersnatch’ was a good ignition for interactive movies,” Clachko said. “I hope as this concept flourishes, interactive movies can become part of our modern world.”