Return of the Nerf Guns: A.P. Assassination soon to come

Return of the Nerf Guns: A.P. Assassination soon to come

By Nicole Dienst ’18

The long standing tradition of A.P. Assassination is beginning on May 15, the same day that senior internships start. The competition is for seniors who took at least one advanced placement [A.P.] course their senior year.

Each week is a new round and in order to make it to the next round, students must knock out their assassin by shooting them with a Nerf gun, while trying to  avoid getting assassinated by whoever has them for a target. There is a large prize at the end of the six week long competition, ranging upwards of $2,000. Typically, the last two or three remaining students agree to split the prize. There is also a six-page rule book that outlines the guidelines and specific rules for the event. For many seniors in A.P. courses, this is the last hurrah of their senior year.

There are plenty of wild strategies that may help one win A.P. Assassination, but the common theme amongst most seniors is to be aware and take it seriously. “My strategy is just that I’m trying to have A.P. assassination on my mind as much as possible,” Zach Edelman ’17 said. “This way I’m always ready and alert for anything that comes to me. I have been looking forward to it and have been for my entire time at high school.”

Staying out of sight is an effective way to win A.P. assassination. Avoiding large public events such as sports games and shows is effective in hiding from your possible target. “I’d assume the best way to win A.P. assassination is to never leave your house and stay in areas where you aren’t vulnerable,” Maddie Jones ’17 said.

Being as aware and alert as possible when leaving practices or places you frequently visit is also an effective strategy “It kind of sucks that I play lacrosse because it makes me an easier target as people can find out when I have practice and games and get me there, so I guess i’m just going to have to stay alert,” Ziggy Hallgarten ’17 said.


Making alliances can also be extremely beneficial for A.P. assassination, except you must watch your back. “Team up with a lot of other people to get information on where their target might be. Forming alliances is important, but competitors should be careful who they trust as they can easily be one of their friends’ target,” an anonymous Staples senior, who is organizing A.P. assassination, said.

Being unpredictable and attempting to assassinate your target as fast as possible is the goal. “I am going to stake them out, and then wait for the element of surprise to get my person,” Sara Parower ’17 said.

Most seniors are looking forward to A.P. assassination as it is a fun activity to round out their senior year. “I am super excited. I am definitely going to have my nerf gun in my car, and on me at all times. I guess the best thing to do is make alliances and find out more about your targets. Know who you can trust,” Callie Keenan ’17 said.

For seniors participating, pay attention to information posted in the A.P. Assassination Facebook group. The entrance fee to participate is $20. With the return of the Nerf guns, watch your back as people are assigned their first targets within the next week.