A little more JOY in Westport: Joy X opens fitness studio

A little more JOY in Westport: Joy X opens fitness studio

By Emma Rojas ’18

Westport has welcomed its newest addition to the collection of fitness studios, JoyX. Owned by Westport residents Rhodie Lorenz and Amy Hochhauser, both are known for previously opening  Joyride, a popular cycling studio, almost six years ago.


“When Amy and I opened JoyRide , we were just two Westport moms,” Lorenz said. “Now we have a community that believes in us and the things we do.”  Differing from their previous business, JoyX offers a new selection of activities, specializing in boxing and rowing; a combination that guarantees breaking a sweat and having a good time.


As a result of the positive feedback received from Joyride, Hochhauser explained how, “So many of our clients got so fit that we put together a program that is now JoyX. It is a challenging, full body, HIIT workout.” A typical class consists of 24 people; 12 who begin with rowing and 12 who box. Halfway through the 50 minute class, the two groups switch.


The studio offers four different types of classes: JoyX, XX , JoyRow and JoyBox, each lead by a certified trainer. A personal training room is also available for one-on-one training or small group personal training sessions. “There is no doubt you are getting a workout,” Brynn Schumacher ’18 said. “You are drenched in sweat by the time class is over.”


The Joy team encourages all ages and fitness levels are welcome. “JoyRide literally changed my life. I’m 60 years old and in the best shape of my life,” Ellen Mendell, a JoyRide client, said. “Now that JoyX just opened, I’m so excited to try something new. I’m doing boxing and rowing and love it. They are constantly keeping up with the times and inventing new ways to challenge the client’s.”


Mendell is not the only client trying something new. Barbara Robbins, an English teacher at Staples, said, “I love how close it is to Staples. Originally I was drawn to the spinning classes [but] I really enjoy their other classes like Barre, as well as the rowing and boxing classes at JoyX.”


However, JoyX and JoyRide are more than just fitness studios. Lorenz and  Hochhauser have brought together a community of people who not only love the workouts offered, but the atmosphere. Lorenz described her vision as, “a studio that would be very community based, supportive of instructors and collaborative.We all help each other and we are all on the same team.”


Mariana Buckmir, another JoyRide devotee, explained her admiration of the fitness studio, saying,  “I started working out at joyride because I was looking for a studio with a community vibe kind of place and that is exactly what joyride is…When I think about joyride, I think about my happy place.”


The studio will now be offering a student class exclusively for Staples students.  It is scheduled to run Tuesdays at 2:30 p.m. Nike, JoyRide and JoyX trainer, Armond Jordan will teach the classes. Any student who mentions this article will receive a discount.