Graduates reminisce with non-traditional superlatives


Talia Hendel, Web Managing Editor

Superlatives are one of the most fun parts of the yearbook. A final goodbye filled with high school legacies and future possibilities. The answers to the where-we-will-be-in-20-years questions are not only speculation based on reputations but also a way for seniors to acknowledge their friends’ unique qualities and talents.

There are the classics, such as most likely to succeed, most likely to go pro, most likely to become a millionaire by age 30, best hair, best car, cutest couple— the titles go on and on.

However, there are also many non-traditional things that students have come to be known for over their high school careers. Whether they end up in the yearbook or not, seniors will be leaving Westport with fond memories of their friends’ special qualities that added a spark to their high school years.

Emily Lewis ’15: Most Likely to be a Rockette

“Emily Lewis ’15 would win most likely to be a Rockette,” Malin Hovstadius ’15 said. “Because she’s tall and skinny and a really good dancer.”

Lewis said she would like this as a future career. “If I had a career in dance, being a Rockette would be the only one I’d want,” Lewis said. “I love their precision and everything about them.”

Teddy Coogan ’15: Friendliest Guy

“Teddy Coogan ’15 would win most likeable guy,” Will Six ’15 said. “He’s known for being an incredibly friendly guy and for being quite the athlete.”

Coogan was very flattered by his friend’s comment. “I love that someone would say that about me,” Coogan said. “Will’s a great friend.”

Sarah Mahoney ’15: Most Intimidating Resting Face

Lillian Appell ’15 spoke about a reputation her friend received over the years.

“If there was a nomination for most intimidating resting face Sarah Mahoney ’15 would have won,” Appell said.

Mahoney responded with a laugh. “I know I have an intimidating resting face, but I don’t mind,” Mahoney said. “Some people say they were scared of me at first because of it— I think it’s funny.”