To skip or not to skip?

To skip or not to skip?

Every year at Staples, most of the seniors participate in a grade-wide game of hooky, otherwise known as Senior Skip Day. The more “official” Senior Skip Day is during the second semester, but there usually ends up being a first semester day of skipping as well.

This year, the first semester Skip Day was on Monday, Nov. 3rd, the day before Election Day. Only about half of the senior class ended up skipping the school day. This is not surprising becase at Staples, Senior Skip Day never has a 100 percent success rate, due to sports practices and games.

Although several students are mandated to attend school in order to participate in sports, lots of students see Senior Skip Day as an important tradition.

“It’s one of many senior traditions and it would be a shame if our grade was the one to bring (it) to a halt,” Nick Burchill ’15 said. Burchill spent his Senior Skip Day just chilling out with his friends, treating it “like any other weekend.”

Although Skip Day is a major tradition, school work is at risk. One senior who skipped school on Monday now finds the tradition to be unnecessary.

“It was a waste of a day and then I had a ton of school work to make up,” Jess Spector ’15 said.

“It’s a day to take a break mentally. A lot of us are under a lot of pressure,” Claire Saracena ’15 said. She described the day as a time to hang out with friends and take a break from the college process, which several seniors see as extremely stressful.

“We’re all nervous about getting into schools,” Saracena explained.

According to Burchill, Senior Skip Day during the second semester is much more successful, due to the fact that most seniors will have gotten into college by then.

Whether or not Senior Skip Day is a complete success during both semesters, Staples’ hard working Seniors want a day chill out and sleep later than 6 AM.