Many Seniors Come to School on Informal “Senior Skip Day”

Alexandra O’Kane
Social Media Specialist

Traditionally, Seniors wait until the spring to take their annual Senior Skip Day, before leaving school for internships. However, this year, students decided to create another one on Tuesday, Nov. 1, the day after Halloween.

At 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning, Patty McQuone had already received nine phone calls from the parents of seniors and had 62 voicemails on her phone. She said that the majority of the messages were from Seniors’ parents.

Even when the school knows that it is a planned senior skip day, “If parents call in, the absence must be excused. We have to treat this day like any other day,” McQuone said.

However, it was expected that a lot of athletes would come in by 10 a.m,. since they must be in school for at least 4 hours in order to attend practice or a game, according to Alice Addicks.

While some classes seemed ghostly, with very poor attendance, there were some Seniors who did come to school.

“It didn’t make sense to miss school when I need to do well and would need to make up the work anyway,” said Caroline Smith ’12. Smith was even offered an incentive to come to school; her math teacher gave 2 extra points to anyone who took the test on Tuesday.

“I actually think that a lot of Seniors came to school,” said Ryan Greenberg ’13. “There are a lot of tests and work that the seniors probably need to do.”

Smith shares the sentiments of many Seniors who chose to come to school on Tuesday.

“It wouldn’t have been fun today, and I wanted to wait until the spring.”

However, once they are all in college and don’t have so much to worry about, the Seniors will be excited for a day off- until then they will keep coming to school.