Overlooking the river is home sweet home for Saugatuck Sweets


Emma Lederer , Staff Writer

Downtown Westport is always buzzing with the opening of a new store. At least once a month, you can spot yet another grand opening with pop music blaring and flocks of people strolling in and out, coupons in hand.

This summer has kicked off with the opening of a new ice cream and candy shop: Saugatuck Sweets.

Justine Shikowitz ’17 believes this new parlor will be successful because it appeals to a huge part of the community that is made of families. Saugatuck Sweets sits right on the banks of the Saugatuck River, a short block from Dunkin’ Donuts and two from the train station.

Furthermore, the shop brings something Westporters don’t have much of in this town: actual, old-fashioned ice cream. “I think that it will have more success just because it’s different than all of the froyo stores,” Shikowitz says.

Others agree and share their excitement about having a new place for dessert that’s actually not frozen yogurt. Claire Smith ’15 says that she loves frozen yogurt as much as the next person, but admits that we do “have so many fro-yo places so close to each other.” Smith continues, “I think it’ll be successful, or at least I hope so.”

Saugatuck Sweets is just one of a number of new stores opening, and students said it’s hard to believe that all of them will survive the test of time. Sometimes trends fade out. Jeff Burns ‘14 explains that in order for these stores to be successful, they have to attract all different kinds of people. “A lot of small businesses around here tend to open and close in a blink of an eye,” he says.