Students prepare for prom


It may be a spring Saturday, but there is not much time to stop and smell the flowers; unless that flower is part of the arrangement in your boutonnière or corsage.

Although the event itself only is one night, the preparations and primping for prom starts weeks before when girls hunt for the perfect dress and send their dates out to find matching pants.

Then, the week of the prom, that is all every Junior (or Senior) can think and talk about. Between finalizing the outfit with perfect jewelry or a bowtie; to finding your outfit for an after party.

And when the day of prom actually comes around, there is much to do, and many start the day off with a perfect amount of sleep and an energized morning.

“For prom I usually like to sleep in as late as I can because it’s going to be a really long day,” Logan Murphy ’15 said.  “First thing I do is probably shower, get into comfy clothes, pick up the boutonnière, and eat a bunch of food that way I’m not too hungry when I am getting ready.”

The day then gets jump started in the early afternoon with beauty appointments all around town.

“I have a hair appointment at the Blow Dry Bar and a makeup appointment at Blue Mercury,” Siobhan O’Loughlin ’15 said.

Although hair and nail salons and makeup stores will be packed to the brim, it is a fun time for girls to see each other before the dance and enjoy the process with friends.

“I love getting my hair and makeup done because it adds to the excitement and makes the day special,” Sarah Herbsman ’15 said.

When the girls have finished getting ready and have slipped on their dresses and strapped up their shoes, pictures usually start around 5:30 and the night hopefully goes off without a hitch.

“What I’m most excited about is getting all dressed up and taking pictures with my best friends, and hopefully the weather is nice,” Murphy said.

Have a fun and safe prom, from everyone at Inklings!