Friends choose to attend the same colleges

It all started when they were grouped together as partners in their sixth grade social studies class at Coleytown Middle School.

Next year, six years later, Megan Foreman ’14 and Melony Malkin ’14 will be taking both their studies and their friendship 663 miles away to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

These girls are among many other Staples seniors who will be dragging their stuffed suitcases to the same college next year as one or more of their high school friends.

College is known to be a time when everyone is thrown into a new place with new people and new expectations. So, many of these seniors believe that having a good friend from high school there with them will be a solely positive experience.

Most seniors have found that when making their final college decision, whether or not a good friend is planning on going to the same college has little to no impact.

Annie Raifaisen ’14, who will be attending Tulane University next year along with her best friend since age four, feels lucky that she will be starting off her college life with a familiar face.

“It is so comforting to know that we will have each other there especially for things like orientation and meet ups and the whole first semester in general,” Raifaisen said.

Foreman agrees that it will be a relief to have someone she recognizes on campus but is also excited because she believes that going to school with one of her best friends will make it easier for the two to stay close.

“I’m glad we’ll be able to stay friends more easily given we’ll be able to see each other a lot more,” Foreman said.

Foreman actually chose to room with another student from Staples with whom she said she gets along very well.

“I just thought it would better going into it knowing I wouldn’t have problems with my roommate,” Foreman said.

Jack Scott ’14 is also under the impression that going to college with two of his good friends will be nothing but helpful in their already strong friendship.

“I am really excited to see how close we become the next four years,” Scott said.

Most students know that even if they to college with a friend, there will still be an abundance of new experiences awaiting them.

“It’s somewhat a new life anyway whether there are people you already know or not,” Jake Reiner ’14 said.