New anonymous app skyrockets in popularity among students

An epidemic is defined as a widespread and quickly spreading factor. Staples has a new epidemic. It’s not the usual cases of the flu or senioritis.

It’s Yik Yak, an app where people can write anonymous posts that will be seen by all other people in the local radius.

The current app was first released last fall. However, its use among Westport students is relatively new, within the last 12 hours. Its commencement has come with explosive population growth in the Staples community.

Multiple Staples students were approached asking about this particular aspect of the app. Many declined to be interviewed.

Tess Shinbaum ’16, who experienced the outbreak of Yik Yak at Fairfield Warde High School last week, claims the app’s popularity is because “People like that they can say things they know they shouldn’t because there is no identity tied to it.”

Some Staples students agree. Alec Bird ‘16, an active user, described Yik Yak as “really dank.” However, he acknowledged the controversial anonymity of the app. “It can cause troubles within the grade because girls read stuff that is written about them and it’s bad.”

The fact that people post on Yik Yak without a name has resulted already in multiple incidents of cyberbullying.

So why would people turn to this new app to torment others? Is this the reason for Yik Yak’s sudden popularity?

Veronica Defelice ‘14 believes that many factors are responsible for the app’s sudden heavy presence.

“When something new that’s different comes out, there’s all this hype about it,” Defelice said. “There’s also the whole idea of looking at this stuff and not knowing who said it that makes it more fun to do.”

Kaela Fodor ‘16 on the other hand believes that bullying is the central reason for Yik Yak’s success at Staples.

“Kids are mean these days, and they just needed a new way to insult each other,” Fodor said.