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Al Jazeera films Yik Yak piece at Staples

Al Jazeera films Yik Yak piece at Staples

Dylan Donahue and Brandon Rakowski

June 11, 2014

On Tuesday, June 10, 2014 the Al Jazeera America News Network could be seen filming students in Staples for a piece about social media and Yik Yak.  According to Principal John Dodig, the school was contacted after being identified through Staples Senior Will Haskell’s article in The New Yorker, however, S...

Let’s face it

Let's face it

May 30, 2014

When Yik-Yak shoved its way into Staples, students didn’t know where to turn. We needed someone to tell us how to cope. We needed someone to tell us that it would be okay. We needed help. That day, the day Yik Yak first appeared, the administration said there was nothing they could do. Just ignore...

Sexism exhibited through Yik Yak

Sexism exhibited through Yik Yak

Kaila Finn, Web News Editor

May 30, 2014

What started as a harmless app, Yik Yak, the anonymous social media, has challenged Staples students’ spirit, ethics, and environment. One particular part of the Staples culture that is being questioned is sexism, which some would say shined through loud and clear in Yik Yak. Throughout the app’s...

New anonymous app skyrockets in popularity among students

Kacey Hertan and Justine Seligson

April 24, 2014

An epidemic is defined as a widespread and quickly spreading factor. Staples has a new epidemic. It’s not the usual cases of the flu or senioritis. It’s Yik Yak, an app where people can write anonymous posts that will be seen by all other people in the local radius. The current app was first released l...

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