The best festival fashion tips and where to shop

The best festival fashion tips and where to shop

Ivy Prince ’17

Warm weather, longer days and carefree months are coming to us quicker than we think. And what does this mean? It’s festival season!


Outdoor concerts and festivals are lined up for the next couple months. Of course the music is amazing, but the fashion may even be better. Here are the best local places to go for outfit inspiration and tips on what’s in so you can stand out in the packed crowds at Gov Ball.


Brandy Melville is of course a go-to store for everyone. It has a whole variety of cute tank tops, shorts and dresses perfect for the warm weather during any concert. The tops are easy to wear under overalls or dresses, and the prices are very reasonable.


Free People has been a popular store for Staples students. Luckily, a store recently opened up in Westport, which means easy access to all the different dresses, skirts, hats and perfect festival clothes. “It’s one of my favorite stores, and I’m so excited that one opened up in Westport. For The Meadows, I got my outfit from Free People and I’m get more clothes from there for summer concerts too,” said Rachel Seidman ’17.


Another great store in Westport that sells 2017 trends is Madewell. This store might be pricey, but the comfortable and well-made material makes it worth it. The best trends they have are neck scarves, a perfect accessory to any festival outfit. They also sell sunglasses very similar to Ray Bans, but for half the price.