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Japanese ‘Lolita’ Fashion Inspires Becca Loeser ’10

Suzane Klein ’11
Features Editor

Rebecca Loeser ’10 and friends celebrate the style of Lolita at a convention. | Photo by Rebecca Loesser '10

Rebecca Loeser ’10 can be spotted sporting “little pretty dresses, princess things, and just generally over the top clothing.”

This personal style not only applies to the clothes that Loeser wears, but also the jewelry she has been making.

She describes her style as “Lolita,” which is a movement based in Japan. As the name suggests, the style is very childlike and “cute,” as Loeser says. It is a “very specific style.”

There are certain requirements to dress “Lolita,” like wearing a “poufy skirt, blouse, or a dress.” By adapting the style, Loeser wears the skirts, and shirts, but most of all wears a lot of pink and juvenile-styled clothing.

These sweet elements are also reflected in her jewelry creations.

She creates jewelry to match the clothes she has at home. Loeser brings in some materials from home in her jewelry. To ensure that the clothing and jewelry match, Loeser sometimes brings in a bit of lace from her closet to include in her jewelry.

The process of making the jewelry and accessories can vary, yet it starts off the same every time.

For each piece in Beginning Jewelry, there is a concept. From there, Loeser creates a sketch of what she wants the piece to look like.

“The idea will change so much,” Loeser said. “It ends up looking completely different from the idea I drew.” However, there are similar elements in the drawing and the actual piece, said Loeser.

She can spend lots of time on a single piece. The process of creating the jewelry and then editing it can take anywhere from two minutes, by “fixing a single link,” or it can take up to a week of in-class work, which is when Loeser can alter the piece by creating more shapes or frames to include in her specific work.

The process of making the metal shapes that are often in her work is quite complex.

For some of her pieces, she creates metal frames, which takes a very long time.

First, Loeser must cut out the shapes from metal. She describes cutting the pieces on the diagonal. For this, she uses a series of very sharp knives. Before cutting, she measures the pieces so that they fit together perfectly to form the shape that she wants.

Next, she files the pieces to ensure that it doesn’t cut the wearer. Melding the pieces of metal together includes melting them together, a process that uses a large torch in a back room in the jewelry production room.

Although it seems like she has been making jewelry for years, she only started her senior year. “Before then, I only put plastic beads on a string,” Loeser said.

Loeser spends an equal amount of time on the practical aspects of her jewelry as the creative parts. Loeser loves to include pink, frills, and lace in her jewelry designs. Even when using metal, she forms an eyelet-lace inspired trim on her bracelets.

Loeser knows that her personal style is very unique. “I enjoy much more being more out there. It’s not just to get those looks, but I just like feeling pretty.”

She describes her clothing style and jewelry style as an expression of how she feels. Dressing “Lolita” is something that Loeser really enjoys.

“I love feeling pretty,” she said.

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