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Julia Sharkey, Staff Writer
When Julia Sharkey gets a little bored listening in class, she cannot help but doodle the words “Indian Head Camp” in the margins of her notebook.  These three words may mean nothing to an average Staples student, but they mean the world to Sharkey.

Over the course of seven summers, Sharkey has spent seven precious weeks at camp in Honesdale, Pa. She is a dedicated camper who only keeps returning because camp is nothing short of perfect. It’s her summer heaven.

“Some people refer to camp as their second home,” said Sharkey, “But no, it’s my first home.”

The days at camp are not taken for granted as Sharkey is given the ability to spend them with her best friends. She loves participating in team sports like soccer, eating in the dining hall (the tacos are the best according to Sharkey), and having sleepovers every night. However, the best camp experience was when they traveled out West for four weeks.

While Sharkey loves her family, friends, and being apart of Inklings, nothing else in her life has a place in her heart as large as Indian Head Camp does. There is nothing that can replace it and nothing that compares to the two months special months at camp.

“I’d literally sacrifice my snow globe collection if it meant giving me the opportunity to go back home [to camp],” said Sharkey.

Julia Sharkey, Staff Writer, Staff Writer

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Julia Sharkey, Staff Writer