The Baby Boom: Teachers’ Babies Born This April

Paxton Fulton was born on April 23 and Lincoln (Linc) Dewey was born April 18.

Most students would hope that Paxton and Lincoln would be taking up a large portion of their teachers’ time so their workload decreases, but this is not the case.

“I feel that the amount of work I give does not have a relationship to the amount of time I spend with Linc because so far it has not adjusted my schedule enough to make that a factor,” Dewey said.

Even though according to Fulton his life is now “all taking care of the baby,” this has not seemed to disrupt the flow of the collaborative course that he teaches with social studies teacher Cathy Dancz.

“Fulton and Dancz are a team, and the day Fulton came back he hit the floor running,” said Will Haskell ’14, a student in collab. “He facilitated a discussion about ‘Montana 1948’ without slowing anything down.”

Dewey said he has not missed a beat due to Linc’s cooperation.

“Some people have challenging newborns, screaming newborns, and Linc sleeps a lot so I’m able to get a lot done right now,” Dewey said.

“I can only imagine how much time and energy it takes from his daily life and he still is able to be an awesome teacher,”  Physics student Leigh Rubin ’12 said.

Even thought the students may have hoped for a break in their work, they still show immense appreciation and happiness for their teachers’ new family.

“As soon as we found out that Fulton was having a baby, we all pooled money to buy a baby onesie that says, ‘I have more hair than my daddy’,” Haskell said.

These students’ actions do not go unnoticed. Fulton and Dewey love to see how caring their students are.

“Kids have been asking for pictures, dropping off presents, just really sweet kids. Students I wouldn’t even have expected from,” said Fulton.

With a “grading-less” summer, Dewey and Fulton will be able to devote all their attention to Linc and Paxton before the 2012-2013 school year starts up again.