A Trek for Tunes

Living in Westport, it seems like it is a hassle for many to commute to the city to see their favorite artists, like Deadmau5 and Super Mash Bros. However, the distance is hardly an issue for most Staples students.

Despite the hour-plus train ride, expensive cab, and frigid temperatures, students still agree that the concert makes it all worthwhile.

“[The hassle] doesn’t even matter once you get there because the music and atmosphere is so intense,” said Jeff Krieger ’13. “Even if there were concerts in Connecticut, New York City is what makes them so fun.”

Spaces such as Terminal 5, Roseland Ballroom, and Irving Plaza are advertised online in ways to attract students, however, if these places were in Connecticut, the outcomes would likely not be the same.

Katie Glick  ‘13 says, “The places in the city are just where the artists always perform, so I wouldn’t even think to try a concert elsewhere.”

Sacred Heart University has had artists such as Kid Cudi perform on their campus, but even though the drive may be less than half the time it takes to get to New York City, the whole night itself loses its exhilarating vibe. Also, to enter this venue, a Sacred Heart student must accompany outside viewers, so all in all, it is not that much easier.

Even if you are a “techno-fanatic,” it all comes down to price in the end. People like Krieger have witnessed others splurge on tickets, but in his mind there has to be a budget somewhere down the road.

“I have a friend who paid over $100 just for his 5-hour Deadmau5 concert ticket. Under no circumstances would I allow myself to reach that price,” said Krieger. “I have no need to. I’ve always just gotten my ticket early and they are usually only around $30.”

But once again, $30 dollars will turn into $100 after accounting for the journey into the Big Apple.

A concert-wannabe, Henri Rizack ’14 says, “I have no money, and my parents are not going to pay $100 dollars for me to go into the city when they don’t even trust me here in Westport.”

It all comes down to the price and at what point you are willing to draw the line. As for most, their limit is typically crossed by the time they are back home after a head-banging rave. The journey is not even considered.