Siri, where can I get a better phone?

Siri, where can I get a better phone?

Sharkey gets frustrated with Siri often, especially when she can’t carry out simple tasks.

We expect a lot out of Apple. Apple has changed the world. It has invented gadgets and what not that we could never imagine. Apple would never let anyone down.

Until now.

With the new and improved iPhone 4s came Siri. Siri was a feature only available on the 4s despite downloading the new software onto any other iPhone. Therefore, I would think Siri would be pretty good.

Siri is my so-called “personal assistant”.  When I think of personal assistant, I think of a person who can do basically anything for me. So this is what I expected of her. However, Siri has let me down.

I do not stand-alone here. Zoe Googe ’13, who recently became one of Siri’s friends

says, “Well, I don’t talk to her actually. She’s so frustrating, she can never

understand me. So I just dumped her.  I couldn’t stand her anymore.”

I don’t doubt anything Googe has said because every time I ask Siri a simple question my response is either: “Sorry I didn’t get that”, “I don’t know what you mean by___________”, or my favorite, “I am not that kind of personal assistant.”

Then what kind of personal assistant are you?

Not the type that can listen to me. Let me show you what I mean.

Me: “Text Dad.”

Siri: “What do you want to say to Jack?”

Me: “I want to go see a movie tonight.”

Siri: “I have found 11 mover trucks…eight of them are fairly close to you.”

Me: “Please read me an email.”

Siri: “I can’t read them to you. Sorry about that.”

I understand that Siri is “sorry”, but that’s not going to cut it. What if I was driving and received an urgent email, Siri should be able to tell me what it says so I don’t get into a crash.

All in all, this is the first time apple has disappointed me. I expected my new friend Siri to be able to do read my mail, text the right people (because seriously how awkward is that when you send a text to your friend instead of your dad?), and find me a movie tonight. But I guess there’s no turning back now, from now on its better off I find a human personal assistant rather than a virtual one.