Lone senior stranded in AP Language class


Larissa Lieberson, Director of Social Media

On the first day of school, 23 puzzled faces turned to look at me when I stepped into AP English Language, blowing my neon green whistle and wearing a pink boa.

They weren’t confused because of my strange wardrobe choice (I was dressed the same as every single senior girl: tiara on my head, senior girls shirt, sparkly eyeshadow–the usual), but rather by the fact that I was in their class.

That’s because this is the first year that juniors and seniors can choose between either AP English Language or AP English Literature as their AP English class. Since my peers only had the option to take AP English Language during junior year, they are all taken with the class.

However, due to a busy schedule last year, I didn’t have the chance to take it, but my love for writing drove me to take it this year.

But I am a lone senior.

The only person in my class who is actually allowed to park at school, the only person in my class who doesn’t have to take gym, the only person in my class who will know where I’m going to college in the next few months.

While all the juniors are staring at me, I’m looking at them. They literally look like they just saw a ghost when they hear about all the work in store for them.

I can’t blame them. I’m not much of an athlete, but when I think back to junior year, I think it must be like competing in the Olympics; one slip and you’re out. I wish they knew that stressing out will just make it worse. If they keep their cool they will do just fine.

Meanwhile, I slouch back in my seat, knowing that the worst is already over for me.

At least I hope.