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Course selection reveals the limited options to fulfill the civics requirement to graduate high school in Connecticut.

Students express concern over lack of honors level in required credits

Storey Ahl ’25, Staff Writer March 20, 2023

As sophomores and juniors begin their course registration for next school year, they’ll surely notice that when they look at the Program of Studies on the Staples High School website, Staples only offers...

The AP exam fee for the 2022-23 school year increases by $10 from the 2021-22 school year, making this year’s fee $110.

Students shocked by $110 per class AP exam fee

Storey Ahl '25, Staff Writer October 6, 2022

You, an AP student who is under enough pressure and stress already, open your email one day to find out that you owe yet another fee: this time, it’s for $110. This is the price you can write the check...

People gather at the March on Washington in 1963. AP African American Studies will include material on the civil rights movement.

New AP African American studies course is introduced

Rylie Cordella '25, Assistant Business Manager September 16, 2022

The College Board publicized in February that a pilot AP African American studies course begins at 60 high schools this fall. According to The New York Times, the class covers “civil rights, politics,...

A student shows her packed schedule with two of her AP classes being in the afternoon.

GFA eliminates AP courses

Rebecca Kanfer '21, Paper Sports Editor February 25, 2020

The bell rings. Students stuff their pencils and papers back into their bags. Anxious looks are shot towards the teacher collecting the tests. The class exits as murmurs about the exam stream down the...

Lone senior stranded in AP Language class

Lone senior stranded in AP Language class

Larissa Lieberson, Director of Social Media September 19, 2014

On the first day of school, 23 puzzled faces turned to look at me when I stepped into AP English Language, blowing my neon green whistle and wearing a pink boa. They weren’t confused because of my...

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