The release of A.P. summer assignments


By: Nicole Dienst ’18

As students receive their schedules for the following school year on June 2nd, A.P. summer assignments have started to be assigned per class.

Typically, depending on the A.P. course, the first unit of the year aligns with the previous summer assignment. The summer assignment serves as an introduction and a taste of the course material.

Depending on the subject, A.P. course teachers will send out emails to their students notifying them of their specific course requirements for what should be completed over the summer, whether it be textbook reading, a novel or a packet.

Students, once they receive their finalized schedules, should be routinely checking their emails and the Staples website to remain updated on their summer work.

“The hardest thing about the summer assignment is the test within the first week of school; you should do them for that reason,” Abby Najarian ’18 said regarding her A.P. Chemistry and A.P. Calculus AB summer assignment.

It is imperative that students are aware of the level of the A.P. course, and that the summer assignment provides insight into that. Completion of the summer assignment can count for a grade during the first quarter, which can be heavily weighted. Essays and tests typically follow these summer assignments as well.

These summer assignments can be found on the Staples Website homepage under the forming list of summer assignments.