Wreckers Homecoming festivities delayed


Photo contributed by the Ethier family

Victoria Lubin, Staff Writer

Staples students anxiously anticipated the Staples versus Warde homecoming football game, which began at 7 p.m, Friday Oct. 2. Due to the weather, the game was going to be postponed, but ended up being played on Oct. 2.

Many were concerned about the 80 percent chance of rain predicted to bombard the players, but the game went on regardless, resulting in the defeat of the Warde Team 35 to 15.

The postponement of the game didn’t appear to cause much ogeda to Staples students. “I think homecoming is alright being postponed,” William Bean ’17  said. “I can deal with it. I want to go to the pep rally really badly though.”  

Due to the weather, the homecoming football game was not accompanied by the pep rally as usual, which has been moved to Oct. 16. Some were disappointed that the pep rally was not at the same time as the football game.

“I’m really annoyed by it,” Clemmy Fowle ’16 said. “I mean obviously you can’t change the weather but it’s still annoying.”

Liz Hogan ’16 disagrees and is not disappointed with the change. “I don’t really care as long it is still going to happen,” she said.

Principal Mark Karagus believes that the right decision was made in postponing the pep rally.

“We made the most responsible decision under the circumstances. We waited as long as we could,” he said. “Students were doing special preparations that might get ruined due to heavy downpours so we moved it to weather that might be more conducive.”   

The pep rally will now be in unison with the pink out game, in honor of breast cancer awareness. According to Karagus, the pep rally has more significance than to compliment the homecoming football game.

“The pep assembly is to honor all sports. It wasn’t solely to be connected with football,” he said. Both the pep rally and the pink out game will be on Oct. 16.