Keep fit at home to stay healthy

Lauren Hassell '22, Web Arts Editor

Photo by Lauren Hassell ’22
The warm weather outside permits walks and runs on the beach while maintaining social distancing. Walking and running improve cardiovascular health and are beneficial forms of exercise.

Remaining inside for an extensive time period can pose a significant threat to maintaining one’s physical and mental health. Despite the obvious challenges like gym and health club closings, staying at home provides opportunities to the resourceful for staying active. 

Some Staples students have taken it upon themselves to participate in online workout courses or simply getting fresh air through a walk or a run. Engaging in activities like these is essential to achieving a healthy lifestyle; physical activity and regular exercise reduces the likelihood of contracting diseases and improves muscles and bones. Athletes and students alike have been partaking in daily exercise to combat quarantine boredom. 

“Most of the girls who do sprints and distance events have been running every day or as much as they can outside,” Josie Dolan ’22 said. 

As demonstrated by the Staples’ Girls Track team, running is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise. Running boosts aerobic fitness and burns calories, helping to maintain a healthy weight. Similarly, the Staples’ boys volleyball team has remained connected virtually through platforms like FaceTime. 

“[We] have built our own workout schedules that include running[…] and volleyball training,” AJ Cheung ’22 said. “Some of us have been calling through FaceTime and working out together or going on runs together.”  

Not only can exercising during the quarantine period benefit health, but it can also strengthen bonds and relationships. It can be a good idea to encourage family members to participate in a workout schedule together; this increases motivation and enjoyment. Members of the volleyball team have seen this outcome and are hopeful about continuing to stay active. 

“Having these daily workouts really brings us together as a team,” Will West ’21 said. “It keeps us healthy and fit for the upcoming season.” 

“Having these daily workouts really brings us together as a team. It keeps us healthy and fit for the upcoming season.” ”

— Will West ’21 said.