McGillion-Moore continues to succeed, finding passion in an uncommon sport


Contributed by Katie McGillion-Moore ’22

Katie McGillion-Moore ’22 competes in the European championships in Foggia, Italy.

Lyah Muktavaram '22, Staff Writer

When people think of sports fencing is often the last sport that comes to mind. However, for the last five years, Katie McGillion-Moore ’22 has embraced fencing as a significant part of her life. 

“I began fencing at the age of 10 [as it was] originally a bonding experience between my brother and I,” McGilion-Moore said.

Since then, McGillion-Moore has fallen in love with the sport and continues to grow and succeed. Recently, she even placed third at the national level for fencers with C ratings, (the ratings are A, B, C, D, E and U). McGillion-Moore has also earned the title of Connecticut State Champion and participated in the All-Academic and All-American team, a student-athlete recognition program. 

“My involvement in fencing has given me the ability to travel the world, competing against fencers from across dozens of countries,” McGillion-Moore said. “[It] has given me a completely different outlook on life.” 

My involvement in fencing has given me the ability to travel the world, competing against fencers from across dozens of countries.”

— Katie McGillion-Moore '22

Along with her older brother, Jake, McGillion-Moore competes on the national and international circuit for Ireland. As part of her training, McGillion-Moore practices at Tim Morehouse Fencing Center in New York. Since she is able to train with her brother, McGillion-Moore finds that this bond helps to motivate her and contribute to her passion to grow as an athlete. 

“Having someone so close to you and having a great bond through fencing, makes it much easier to work through issues or hard days one of us may be going through,” McGillion-Moore said. “As my brother and I both train together at the same club, he plays a key part in motivating me as we both strive to beat one another and get the best results as we can.”

This dedication and persistence have not gone unnoticed, as McGillion-Moore’s friends and fellow fencers have found her talents be unique. 

“She is very committed to fencing as she practices very often throughout the week,” Anna Pan ’22, a fencer and one of McGillion-Moore’s friends, said. “In my experience of fencing others, people who have spent the same amount of years has Katie in the fencing, have not succeeded as much as she did.”

However, despite her continuous achievements, McGillion-Moore continues to strive to improve and progress in her fencing career. 

“It would be a dream to get to the Olympics for fencing,” McGillion-Moore said. “However, this year I am striving to get my A rating and hoping to get my national as well as international ratings up by doing well in different events.”