Students smile in real life and over text

Jenna McNicholas, Staff Writer

It’s safe to say, an iPhone would not be complete without the emoji keyboard.  Depending on a person’s skill when it comes to using this keyboard, awkward situations can be made more comfortable, and, sometimes, comfortable situations can be made very awkward.  In order to be a successful iPhone user and avoid any amateur miscommunications, it is vital to understand the connotation behind every emoji and the repercussions that come with using them in the wrong way. Because, as the saying goes: an emoji is worth a thousand words. The praying emoji: This emoji is among the most useful.  Desperate times call for the praying emoji. It is important to not overuse it, though, because if this emoji is thrown around in every text sent when asking for a favor, it could create a “boy-who-cried-wolf” situation. A golden rule for emoji users is to never throw around the praying emoji like ks and lols. “I’ve heard that it’s actually two people giving a high five.  I would much rather use it as a person praying though,” Cassie Cohen ’16 said. Carefully use this emoji to have an advantage and display a sense of desperation because how can two people high-fiving be helpful?  Praying emoji works every time. The sunglasses emoji: This emoji conveys the user’s awesomeness and overall relaxed and chill perspective on life.  “I use it when something awesome happens.  Maybe a little excessively,” sunglasses emoji enthusiast Anna Eichorn ’16 said.  If this emoji is on someone’s most recent page, they are doing something right, and by something, probably everything. The red heart emoji: This simple red heart is on nearly everyone’s recent page of emojis.  But a dynamic and matured emoji user will realize that everyone’s using the red heart, and it has started to lose its true value and meaning. “I hate when girls send me the red heart emoji. Spice it up a little,” TJ Bravo ’15 said. Don’t be basic.  Take that extra two seconds of thumb exercise and swipe through to the page of different sized and colored hearts.  The person being texted will appreciate and notice the originality and care and maybe even send the double-heart back. The straight face emoji: This emoji says it all.  It has the ability to be a virtual eye roll, end a conversation and even give the receiver the cold shoulder.  It’s the face slap of emojis. Don’t use this emoji to convey neutrality, use it to convey disappointment, anger, and overall negative view on something someone else has said. These are just a few of the most common emojis that are sent and many times misused. Remember, practice makes perfect.  Don’t use emojis too often, but when you do, use them right.