Piano class teaches playing in key


Becca Rawizer, Staff Writer

Wait, Staples has a piano class? Most students certainly know about Staples’ popular orchestra and band classes, yet the beginning piano class is sometimes overlooked. Brimming with twelve enthusiastic students, the class is fast-paced yet informative, which allows the students to stay focused and make the most out of their 45 minutes.

“I see the class as a huge priv- ilege, as, most of the time, one would need to pay to learn the piano,” Reece Armstrong ’16, a student in the piano class, explained. 

Ross Goldberg ’16, another student in the class, also saw the long-term benefits of learning to play the black and white keys.

“I wanted to take the class because I thought it was a phys- ical skill that I could use later in life, unlike some of the academic courses I’ve had to take,” he said.

This class is not just an ordi- nary piano class. They use technology and different softwares, such as Garage Band, Finale and Logic so that students can see the musical accuracy on their screens.

“When I was growing up, in order to play music with others, we had to all be together in the same room at the same time,” piano class teacher, Greg Winters said. “Now, technology allows musicians to play over the internet with other musicians.”

Our school is so fortunate to have the technology and equipment in order to make this class possible. As relatively unknown as it is, this class is something many are missing out on.