Dance team pirouettes into possibility

Dance team pirouettes into possibility

Izzy Ullman, Opinions Editor

Although it seems that Staples offers every sport known to man, many dancers long to pirouette and chasse while representing their school and contributing to its spirit.

“I think that if Staples got a dance team, it could be a way to introduce people to a relaxing and fun side of dance without the stress,” Emily Ritter ’17, who is a competitive dancer at The Greenwich Ballet Company said.

While Staples sport teams practice right on Ginny Parker field, a lot of dancers have to make inconvenient commutes to their studios.

“I have to take one train to Stamford and then another one to Port Chester, so all in all it is about an hour,” Ritter said.

Not only that, but these dancers have schedules that are much more demanding than the usual school sport teams, which makes it difficult to manage school work.

“I dance about 18 to 20 hours week,” Ritter said. “This works out to be six to seven days a week.”

Sasha Dymant ’16, who dances for D’Valda and Sirico, also finds that it can be difficult to manage school work. “It gets really hard in the middle of the year when the workload is really heavy; I go to bed extremely late.”

In addition to the inconvenient times, their programs lack the school camaraderie many dancers wish they could enjoy.

“[A dance team] would make the dance community at Staples feel a part of the school spirit and appreciation,” Maialie Fitzpatrick ’16, a dancer at the Westport Dance Center said.

It can be hard for the dancers to constantly get left out of school spirit events like the pep rally, pasta dinners and banquets simply because there is not a team offered for them.

“The one thing that separates dance from all other high school sports right now is the school spirit associated with them and things like senior day,” Kathryn Bangser ’15, a dancer at Just Dance Studios, said.

While there may be interest from students to start a dance team, there are still complications in making a new teams at Staples that can be difficult.

Principal John Dodig said that there is not any more space for a new team to practice and that there is not enough money to support a new team.

However, that does not mean that these determined dancers will back down in their attempts to get what they deserve.

English teacher Samantha Ginzberg is also interested in founding a Staples dance team ,and with her optimism there is a possibility that a dance team could be formed.

“It has been a long-time dream of mine to be the dance coach on the high school level,” Ginzberg said.

She hopes to make the team a place where students of all dance levels can come to practice what they love, while also being a part of the community.

“If our classmates could see and understand how hard we work, even if dance isn’t considered a ‘sport,’ they would have more of an appreciation of our art,” Fitzpatrick said.