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Despite “Make Me Free” winning the students majority vote last spring, Staples still lacks free tampons and pads in bathrooms, leading to girls often relying on each other in tight situations.

Neglection of Make Me Free victory reinforces menstruation stigmas

Nina Bowens ’25, Features Paper Editor December 5, 2022

One of the worst possible situations is getting your period in the middle of gym class. Even worse, is not having access to the “supplies” to deal with it.  Every girl has had a similar incident:...

Whether or not to take medication for your mental health is already a big decision. Having to factor in what people might think or how to keep it secret is not something people should worry about. The stigma over mental health medication can be truly harmful and needs to end.

Stigma around mental health medication more harmful than you think

Ava Coyle ’25, Social Media Manager November 16, 2022

Someone who takes medication for their mental health might feel awkward when talking about it. They might worry that people will think they are “crazy” or judge them for being on medicine.  “Stigmatized...

With all the progress made for equality and tolerance, period stigma still remains as an outdated habit that makes people with periods uncomfortable with their body.

Period stigma unwarranted, needs to change

Amanda Rowan '22, Photostory Editor June 16, 2021

As I entered high school, almost everyone had their period and, finally, it wasn't so taboo to talk about. We exchanged period stories like friendship bracelets, making sure to whisper so that no boys...

Acne, although common, is not talked about often enough and the struggles that having acne can cause need to be further understood.

Acne shouldn’t be taken at face-value, when issues can lie beyond the skin

Charlotte Gurley ’23, Staff Writer June 11, 2021

It sticks out on my face. It’s one of the first things I obsess over when I look in the bathroom mirror each morning. Even with my mask up, I’m still embarrassed and in shame over what lies beneath....

On March 18, 2020, almost two weeks after the party where my family contracted Covid-19, my family and I were able to get our first Covid-19 tests at a drive through testing center at Bedford Middle School.

Stigma against contracting Covid-19 has grown overtime

Lily Caplan ’22, Managing Editor May 7, 2021

In March 2020 my whole family got sick and a few days later we learned that we had all been in contact with a Covid-19 positive friend at a birthday party, featured in New York Times. The party was on...

Despite the fact that curly hair is considered natural, it still requires a ton of maintenance in order to achieve a natural appearance.

Stigma against curly hair prevents girls from embracing their natural beauty

Brooke Dembin '22, Assistant Creative Director October 28, 2020

I dream of having silky straight hair that’s easy to maintain. I want straight hair that isn’t frizzy 24/7, and straight hair that can be brushed through without causing me to turn into a lion.  Multiple...

Preconceived notions manifest a stigma against junior year

Preconceived notions manifest a stigma against junior year

Emma Greenberg, Opinions editor June 10, 2016

Though junior year seems fun considering the dances, driver's licenses, class options and freedoms. I’ve heard many things contradicting the “perks” that are to come as a sophomore about to enter...

Students grapple with academic stigmas and attitudes

Students grapple with academic stigmas and attitudes

Emily Olrik and Margaux MacColl November 10, 2014

Every student, every day, walks past the same pink flier hanging dutifully outside guidance. As conversation floods the hallway with students chatting about tests and grades, many may not notice this sign,...

The stigmatization of Africans over Ebola

The stigmatization of Africans over Ebola

Amina Abdul-Kareem, Staff Writer October 9, 2014

The ugly truth is when Africa is mentioned people think of a disease-infested continent filled with poverty and uncivilized people. The ongoing outbreak of Ebola in West Africa hasn’t helped Africans...

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