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Amanda Seyfried chills viewers as Catherine Claire; her curiosity about the spirits that inhabit her house grows throughout the movie and eventually she is forced to face them.

Netflix’s “Things Heard & Seen” proves mystifying and painstakingly intriguing, ending falls short

Tallula Stvan ’21, Staff Writer May 6, 2021

Blood drips down from the floorboards overhead onto a man’s car and smacks his cheek as he tilts his head to look up. Terrified, the man grabs his daughter and charges off the property, while crows caw...

‘A Quiet Place' slams viewers with sound

‘A Quiet Place’ slams viewers with sound

May 21, 2018

By Abby Fleming '20 Footsteps: so quiet they’re barely audible, and so small they couldn’t belong to a child older than four. Candy wrappers stop crunching and popcorn is placed on the movie theater...

“Unfriended” is more gory than scary

“Unfriended” is more gory than scary

Nicole DeBlasi, Staff Writer April 29, 2015

I love horror movies. However, I’m not really into the whole blood and gore theme in some horror movies; it does not really scare me. “Unfriended” was too gross to be really scary, and the ending...

Insidious 2: A Sequel More Possessing Than The First

Insidious 2: A Sequel More Possessing Than The First

Olivia Kalb, A&E Editor September 25, 2013

"Insidious 2", directed by James Wan, blew away all my expectations after having seen the first Insidious. The first "Insidious" was slow and boring and, except for a jump here and there, just not that...

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