“Unfriended” is more gory than scary

“Unfriended” is more gory than scary

Nicole DeBlasi, Web Managing Editor

I love horror movies. However, I’m not really into the whole blood and gore theme in some horror movies; it does not really scare me. “Unfriended” was too gross to be really scary, and the ending was not very clear.

Directed by Levan Gabriadze and starring Shelley Hennig as Blaire Lily, the main character, the story describes Blaire and four of her friends as they are terrorized, and subsequently murdered, by an evil entity seeking revenge on them for an embarrassing video of a girl named Laura Barns, who committed suicide due to the bullying from that video.

This movie was told through the laptop screen of Blaire Lily and happened in real time on Skype. The evil entity forced all of the friends to play “games,” resulting in their deaths one by one, and revealing their secrets. It was definitely an interesting concept and kept the suspense going, but it got too gory for my taste.

One character dies after a blender destroys his neck and hand. Another is killed when her hair straightener was shoved down her throat. It was all very gruesome and more disgusting than scary.

However, the acting was great. I didn’t recognize any of the actors, but they were all very believable in acting frightened and upset with each other. Only problem? They looked way too old to be in high school. When I first saw the trailer for this film, I thought they were at least college students, not high school students.

The biggest problem I have with this film is that the ending is slightly unclear. You find out who filmed Laura Barns’ embarrassing moment, but it’s not clear who uploaded the video and told her to kill herself (at least it was unclear to me).

The filming concept was cool, but the ending was unclear and the movie got too gross at times for me to enjoy. Overall, this movie gets a 5/10.