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The field hockey team’s use of cornrows fails to see the issue of cultural appropriation

Riley Chluspa ’22, a member of field hockey team, got her cornrows put in with the team and will wear them until the team loses a game or until they reach the end of the postseason.

Katie Simons ’22 Arts Editor

December 10, 2019

This year, the field hockey team got cornrows as a way to raise team morale before going into the postseason.  While they were put in with the intent of raising spirit for the team and are a part of the yearly tradition, the cornrows are culturally offensive.     The hair of African Americans...

Postseason hairstyles promote team bonding and withhold tradition

As the postseason approaches, Staples varsity athletes sport new hairdos such as mohawks, cornrows and color dyed hair.

Amanda Rowan '22, Staff Writer

November 14, 2019

Imagine walking through the hallways of school and seeing your peers’ hair dyed blue, or in mohawks or cornrows. While this may seem unconventional or strange for a typical high school, it becomes the norm as  as postseason games approach. Each year, Staples varsity sport teams decide on a fun hairstyle...

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