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A still image of a Webb Road resident's security camera depicts a car break-in occurring on March 15 at 2:17 a.m.

Unlocked cars result in continual car break-ins

Grace Livecchi ’21, Social Media Director March 26, 2021

Multiple cars surrounding Whitney Street in Westport were broken into on March 15. Security cameras revealed the break-ins took place by a single individual in multiple intervals. The first was between...

Stop counting calories, your mental health will thank you later

Stop counting calories, your mental health will thank you later

Grace Livecchi ’21 March 1, 2021

This week, hundreds of monuments and buildings around the country glow blue and green, National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA)’s trademark colors, in honor of NEDA week. As Co-President of Reshaping...

Corporate Valentine’s Day is a moneysucker that we must not feed into.

Modern Valentine’s Day promotes financial interpretation of love

Grace Livecchi ’21, Social Media Director February 12, 2021

Valentine’s Day is a commerce-driven holiday, where the celebration of love is second to how much money you have to spend to prove it. My father, a noble man known for his hatred of unnecessary spending,...

Generate authentic happiness using this one trick

Grace Livecchi ’21 February 12, 2021

Accepted seniors attempt to connect with their schools in a COVID world

Grace Livecchi ’21 January 26, 2021

Branch out from your average, boring brownies with this unique treat.

Spice up baking agenda with matcha brownies

Grace Livecchi ’21, Social Media Director January 22, 2021

Students plan creative Halloween costumes

Charlotte Smith ’21 and Grace Livecchi '21 October 29, 2020

Elle DesMarteau '22 has a passion for all things art, and has hung some of her favorite creations on her bedroom walls.

A sneak peek into the mind of a young artist

Grace Livecchi '21, Social Media Director October 16, 2020

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