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Tom Holland’s Uncharted appeals to more than Holland fans. With plot-twists and suspense galore, the movie is made for action movie lovers.

‘Uncharted’ exceeds expectations for action genre: don’t just watch for Holland

Elle Vail '23, Paper Arts Editor March 25, 2022

Although Tom Holland’s latest “Uncharted” movie may have been an instant watch for those obsessed with the actor, there is more to this movie for those craving adrenaline and adventure, coming from...

Following the frequent holidays prior to the New Year passing, the holidays which occur every day should be celebrated.

You Wished for Holidays Every Day: It Happened

Elle Vail '23, Paper Arts Editor February 14, 2022

Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s , Valentine’s Day:  the past four months always include some of the best holidays for spreading love and cheer.  But what if you wanted to keep the celebration...

Acrylic nails prove to be fun contributions to one’s fashion at the expense of nail health and one’s savings. Above is a particularly popular acrylic nail design involving almond shaped nails and french tips.

Trendy acrylic nails aren’t worth the expense

Elle Vail ’23, Paper Arts Editor January 4, 2022

Acrylic nails have become a raging trend, filling teenagers’ Pinterest boards. These fake extensions to one’s nails alter nail shape and length. At first glance, acrylic nails have an appealing aesthetic,...

New hit movie, House of Gucci, is already looking at Oscars between its originality, intricate fashion and committed actors.

‘House of Gucci’ composed with worthwhile effort

Elle Vail '23, Paper Arts Editor December 21, 2021

The movie “House of Gucci”, released on Nov. 26,  features murder, wealth and romance that quickly intrigues in this retelling of Maurizio Gucci’s murder. Set in 1980s Milan, the film opens introducing...

Baron Mansion: hidden treasure of Westport

Elle Vail ’23, Paper Arts Editor November 7, 2021

The Yankee Doodle Fair is one of the pillars of our community which brings us together and which we missed amidst COVID.

Yankee Doodle Fair returned: a success

Elle Vail '23, Paper Arts Editor October 7, 2021

Pride, as celebrated each year around the world, will make its way to Staples this year thanks to the Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA) and Westport Pride. The Staples High School Pride Day will be the first to occur at a high school in Connecticut, with the activities consisting of wearing rainbow and highlighting queer artist’s work in front of the auditorium.

Staples’ first pride day provides the LGBTQIA+ community with hope, support

Elle Vail '23, Paper Arts Editor May 17, 2021

Staples High School will make history as the first high school in Connecticut to officially celebrate a Pride Day, which will take place on Friday June 4. This event consists of showing spirit by wearing...

Following Derek Chauvin being declared guilty of murdering George Floyd, Ma’Khia Bryant has additionally been killed. The recurring deaths of the black community due to law enforcement’s racist brutality exposes the need for legislation of human rights rather than accountability in one of many verdicts.

Chauvin’s verdict promotes reflection upon selfless activism

Elle Vail, Paper Arts Editor May 6, 2021

May 25, 2020 started as any ordinary quarantine day. I made my way through the hours with Netflix and texting and Zoom. As I always did, I layed down in the evening to update myself on Instagram, but the...

Lil Nas X’s “Satan Shoes” (as seen above) that were released following his latest song, Montero, are receiving backlash due to Satanic, religious and sexual themes, despite the song hitting number one on Billboard.

Lil Nas X faces divided music industry after expressing openly gay identity

Elle Vail '23, Staff Writer May 4, 2021

Since his new song release, “Montero,” Lil Nas X has recieved an overwhelming and unjust amount of backlash due to him being one of few gay rappers. “Montero” just hit number one in the world on...

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