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State Pushes To Raise Smoking Age to 21

State Pushes To Raise Smoking Age to 21

Justin Schwebel, Staff Writer March 8, 2016

A recent bill, authored by Connecticut Senator Mae Flexer, and introduced into the Connecticut General Assembly under the recommendation of The Connecticut Department of Public Health, aims to raise the...

Open the discussion about opening the bottle

Open the discussion about opening the bottle

March 9, 2015

Just because we’re teenagers, it doesn’t mean we’re unintelligent. But still, we’re just teenagers. Many are smart enough to hand over their car keys before drinking but still irresponsible enough...

Breathalyzers given to all at charity balls

Breathalyzers given to all at charity balls

Emily Wolfe, A&E Editor January 26, 2014

“Okay, pretend you’re blowing out candles,” says a guard by the front entrance as he holds a plastic device up to your face. As students scramble off their party buses and flock into the front entrance...

Please Stop, High School Drinkers

November 20, 2010

Lately, I haven’t liked what I’ve been seeing on Facebook. I inevitably find in my newsfeed pictures of drunken classmates holding a can of Keystone Light in one hand and a can of Four Loko in the...

Fear of the Unknown?

November 10, 2010

Hannah Foley '14 Staff Writer Before Homecoming: As a freshman, I’ve heard some pretty scary things about Homecoming, like drinking and for some students, trips to the hospital, but what freaks me...

Parents and Students Collaborate for Community Conversation on Teen Drinking

October 31, 2010

Nicolette Weinbaum '12 Staff Writer A community discussion on underage drinking was held on Oct. 26 in the Bedford Middle School cafeteria. The attendees included Principal John Dodig, Outreach Counselor...

October 28, 2010 | Haze

October 28, 2010

11:27 a.m.  Students watch in as the Teen Awareness Group shows the video, "Haze." This video showed the possible outcomes of binge drinking.

Hope For a Safer Homecoming: TAG, Dodig Look for Sobering Solutions to Curb Fan Drinking

October 1, 2010

Sam Freeman '11 Web A&E Editor For years, the homecoming football game has been a time to celebrate the start of the school year and a place to show off the strong school spirit the student body...

Photo Dramatization by Lucas Hammerman 10

Partners In Crime: Why Westport Parents Supply Alcohol To Underage Students

April 16, 2010

Isaac Stein ’12 Staff Writer At a recent, "memorable" Westport party, teens drank several bottles of vodka. They drank six–packs of beer. Then there were also Jell–O shots, portions of Jell–O...

Staples Homecoming Massacre

October 21, 2009

As one of Staples High School’s oldest traditions, the homecoming football game is meant to be a time to celebrate school spirit, along with starting the school year off with a bang! This year, students...

Homecoming Drinking Shocks Administrators

Homecoming Drinking Shocks Administrators

October 2, 2009

Rachel Guetta ’13 Staff Writer On the first morning of school after Saturday’s homecoming football game, Principal John Dodig made a school–wide announcement congratulating students for their...

TAG Takes Over Staples for Annual Grim Reaper Day

May 18, 2009

Image via Wikipedia On May 15, 2009 the Teen Awareness Group (TAG) took over Staples High School for its annual Grim Reaper Day. Grim Reaper Day comes every year before junior prom, senior prom...

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