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Spotted Horse excels in American cuisine

Spotted Horse excels in American cuisine

October 30, 2018

By Jake Navarro '20 On an average Monday I would never expect a restaurant to be packed, but Spotted Horse was full of people. Located at 26 Church Ln, Spotted Horse offers American styled food ranging from lobster macaroni to a traditional styled burger. As I looked over the menu, I saw that they...

New restaurant harvests fresh flavors

Two of the chef’s recommended appetizers of a shaved brussels sprout salad atop a
parmesan risotto cake with a light drizzle truffle vinaigrette and the house-made meatballs with house butchered colorado lamb, basil, oregano, fresh tomato sauce and parmesan cheese crostini.

Renee Weisz, Breaking News Managing Editor

April 4, 2016

Across the street from the noisy bustle of the Westport train station lies Westport’s newest farm-to-table food heaven: Harvest. Upon entering, my senses were aroused by the natural whiffs of oak wafting from the surrounding wooden walls and the smell of freshly popped wine corks tickling my nose....

April 14, 2011 | La Cuisine Française Avec Chef Gans

April 14, 2011 | La Cuisine Française Avec Chef Gans

April 14, 2011

11:25 a.m. Chef Cecily Gans briefly educates her period 7 class on the food they are about to eat. This week, Gans’ Culinary Arts 2 classes worked to create various French foods, such as steak frites with roasted garlic butter, boeuf bourguignon, French onion soup, quiche, and chicken cordon bleu, among ot...

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